L’Oréal Academy

Light Cognitive office window solutions

The world leader in beauty, L’Oréal, has a truly global presence in 130 countries across five continents, and the L’Oréal Academy, located in the heart of Helsinki, offers the most innovative education in disciplines such hair styling, colour and cutting.

The space has recently been extensively renovated. The premises are mostly underground in a basement area, so lighting was a key and critical topic from the beginning. In addition to a runway for fashion shows, the space includes a colour bar, coffee area, waiting lounge, and styling area.

An impressive 10-square-metre LC Limitless illuminated ceiling was installed above this runway, providing a glare free lighting surface, perfect for hair styling. No distracting shadows are created, and the ‘sky’ has a very high colour rendering index, revealing each and every colour faithfully.

“The light quality is essential for us, and the high colour rendering index that  LC Limitless offers is a must. We also need the natural light feel to make the space more inviting as we have no access to natural light through window” says Suvi-Tuuli Räisänen, training coordinator.

The L’Oréal Academy space is aesthetic, functional and supports the well-being of the Academy’s employees and visitors during long training days.

Light Cognitive fulfilled these requirements by introducing a large light ceiling that truly mimics natural light and gives a more spacious feel to the basement area that users want to work and play in.