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Super. Natural. Light.

Beautiful light and clear skies within your reach. Light Cognitive delivers light, and with it, nature and optimism into your home.
The most realistic light.
Light Cognitive is the most realistic light ever invented. From the first blush of dawn, to the warm glow of dusk, our award-winning horizontal and vertical installations bring the sky to any interior, of any size. 
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The quality of light is so realistic it is used in high fashion stores, makeup studios, and camera laboratories to create consistent natural light.
Elevate your sensory experience with our sky-facing or horizontal landscapes in fixed or custom-sizes.
FILL YOUR HOME with natural light. Whatever time of day or year, teleport yourself immediately to the heart of a European summer or Caribbean sunset.
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We have received the highest accolades for our unique ability to recreate all forms of natural light.
Reinvent spaces.
LOOK UP TO THE CEILING and see the sky. Our tailored light installations bring the outdoors in. Every basement can feel like a penthouse.
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Our bespoke light installations have been featured in publications all over the world.
Our story.
LIGHT COGNITIVE is a Nordic innovation, created to overcome darkness. When founder Sami Salomaa, moved back to Finland after decades abroad, he found Helsinki’s long winters tough to handle. Rather than suffer in the dark, he got to work – finding a way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of beautiful light and clear skies all year round.
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