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Bespoke installations.
ANYTHING GOES — Light Cognitive’s bespoke installations offer great architectural freedom.  They are made to a client’s specific requirements, allowing for custom dimensions, including very large sizes, custom shapes and custom light programs.
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Fixed sizes.
OUR FIXED SIZE SOLUTIONS — start at 5 050€ per unit.The available fixed sizes are 60 × 120 cm and 120 × 120 cm.
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Man-made natural light that goes off the charts.
supernatural light – Our progress in led technology, digital control and machine learning algorithm allows us to produce controllable light fields similar to natural outdoors conditions. The lights are created based on physics models of the real sky.
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Our expert says – “In the absence of natural light, lighting should mimic daylight as closely as possible”.
Dr. Steven Lockley, Harvard Medical School
A natural and smooth light gradient in infinite resolution creating a clear sky view in all its hues from dawn to dusk. 
The right light at the right time, to improve alertness, cognitive performance, recovery and sleep. Circadian light optimized for photopic and melanopic light. 
Anything from an automated day cycle to selected static scenes. Choose a static sunset for dinner parties, alpine mid-day to energize or sunrise time based on Jetlag management.
Control the mood of any space with a light swipe.
THE LIGHT COGNITIVE controller lets you adjust all aspects of the light sources built into your space.
From boutique hotels to private homes, we always shed light on the essence.
THE SELECTED CASES display the great variety one can achieve with bespoke light installations.
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