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Private Residence Pool Skylight

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Look up to the ceiling and see the sky. A Light Cognitive installation brings the outdoors in. This impressive, fully automated home belongs to a partially retired couple, who wanted the house to offer everything you could want for your later years in Finland. Features like a big bright Light Cognitive skylight, a sizable pool, a spa, a cinema, and a golf simulator offer support for the couple’s active lifestyle and overall sense of wellbeing. As the property was a new build it was easy to flawlessly integrate a huge skylight above the pool. The large 16-square-meter skylight, more or less the same length and width as the pool, is designed to bring more light into the pool area and give a biophilic touch to the space.

The light feels natural and luxurious as it can simulate the cycle of daylight and give a vibrant natural feel at any time of day or year. In addition, various light scenes can be selected including morning light, midday, or a stunning sunset glow. Eight different light scenes were set up for the client to choose between. The technologically advanced skylight can be used as a virtual window that creates dynamic daylight conditions in any space.

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