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BIT.BIO Headquarters, Cambridge

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Cambridge-based synthetic biology company Bit.Bio chose Light Cognitive lighting for their new Cambridge headquarters, which opened in September 2021. Creativity and open minds are encouraged in this team of pioneers, which includes experts in stem cells, cellular reprogramming, mathematical modelling, and cell therapy. According to architect Helene Kotter, the aim was to create a sustainable office space by applying Light Cognitive light panels to the meeting rooms and amphitheatre.

With their natural light spectrum, Light Cognitive light panels create a beautiful atmosphere and enhance the wellbeing of everyone using the space. As Helene says, “It was very important to us to create spaces that people feel comfortable and supported in. Elements like the LC light panels help people to recharge and relax and thus be more productive.” Bit Bio also installed a large, wall-mounted light panel in the meditation room. Employees are now able to take advantage of the beautiful light when taking a break to recharge. “It was a pleasure to work with the team at Light Cognitive,” says Helene, “They were very responsive and helped us think through the details of application and installation.”

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