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In this retail project, the client was looking for a bespoke skylight that simulates the sky and elevates the customer experience with the optimal lighting for beauty products. The client’s new beauty products come in a range of more than 130 colours, a mix of matte, satin and pearl finishes suitable for a wide spectrum of skin tones.

The Light Cognitive installation fills the space with a sensation of natural light. The light has close-to-perfect colour rendering. This kind of lighting reveals the colours of objects faithfully and allows the customer to see all the hues accurately. Thanks to a large light surface the generated light is diffuse, and the lighting in the space is even and without apparent shadows. This kind of light field is favourable for observation of makeup hues and materials, and very similar to the large skylights which are popular in artist studios. Light Cognitive was also selected for the ability to design skylights in the shape and size desired.

Different sizes were required to support the architectural dimensions of different stores. New, optimised light programs were developed and tested for the various skylights. The craftsmanship and design of the Light Cognitive products delivers a realistic sky view that follows the light cycle from dawn to dusk, with the precise spectral qualities of natural light.

Light Cognitive was the perfect fit for a client wanting to offer shoppers a memorable and immersive in-store experience: a dedicated section presented in an open plan area with an expansive skylight that reproduces natural daylight to highlight the new line of beauty products. In addition, an immersive online experience is available with a rendering of the store space where the Light Cognitive skylight is also a central visual part of the interior.

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