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Private Residence, Kitchen Island Skylight

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Creating an urban oasis within the heart of a bustling city can be a challenging task, but for our clients, a busy couple with demanding careers, it was a necessity.

As residents of Helsinki, the long, dark winters can take a toll on one's mood and energy levels. In order to combat this, Light Cognitive devised a solution that would bring both natural light and warmth into the space - a virtual skylight installed above the kitchen island.

The virtual skylight brings the patterns of daylight indoors, from dawn to dusk, delivering the right light at the right time. The skylight not only serves as a functional addition, but also serves as an exceptional design and wellbeing element.

The client’s interior architect, Elina Siltanen-Sjöberg, expertly created a frame for the skylight, seamlessly integrating it into the overall aesthetic of the space and bringing a touch of nature into the urban home.

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