Paulig office

Transforming a windowless space with LC Limitless

Paulig is a family-owned, international group in the food industry; founded in 1876 and noted for high-quality products such as coffee, food concepts, spices, plant-based products and snacks. The Group has 2,130 employees in 13 countries and the net sales for 2018 were 907 million euros.

Paulig Headquarters is situated in Helsinki and is connected to the Vuosaari Roastery. Light Cognitive was invited to be part of the renewal of the multi-use space Juhla Mokka, named after the most popular brand of coffee in Finland.

The goal of the renovation was to improve the use and feel of the underground space. Juhla Mokka is used for various events including trainings, seminars and pilates classes.

LC lighting brings an authentic daylight feeling as two large window-like lighting installations have been integrated in the space. Lighting offers different moods such as Day cycle, Morning Sky, Midday and Sunset.

We talked about the project with Paulig’s Facility & Security Manager, Mr. Timo Tuukkanen:

LC: How do you like the lighting?

Timo: It certainly makes the space feel more vibrant and bright. The lights are easy to control. Also, now the space doesn’t feel like a windowless basement.

LC: What was your first reaction toward LC lighting?

Timo: Initially I thought maybe this kind of lighting is not necessary. After having seen the result I think that natural light solution is the one thing that really makes a difference here. It was the right choice.

LC: Were you satisfied with the quality of the work?

Timo: Absolutely, everything was top quality. The cooperation has been very pleasant and seamless.

LC: Did LC deliver the project on time and budget?

Timo: Yes, the project was delivered both on time and on budget. We were very pleased by the accurate and reliable planning on behalf of Light Cognitive.

LC: Did you receive enough information on how to use the lighting, and on how to benefit from human centric lighting?

Timo: Yes. We received information about the benefits of circadian lighting and the different options that Light Cognitive’s dynamic light offers throughout the project.

LC: Would you recommend Light Cognitive for other companies?

Timo: Yes, absolutely.

LC: What is the best thing about LC lighting in your opinion?

Timo: The lighting transformed the space completely. A basement became a multi-use space where you want to spend time. This has improved the use of the space. We can have energizing daylight for trainings and relaxing sunset light for evening events, for example.