Between earth and sky

Light Cognitive creates a stunning artificial skylight for a high-end luxury goods brand

In February 2020, a  high-end luxury goods brand opened a new store in Kuwait at the second largest shopping mall in the Middle East.

Light Cognitive (LC) was chosen to create an extraordinary light element: a 3,5-metre-wide sophisticated artificial skylight above a central winding terazzo staircase.

The project was co-ordinated by Studio 10: an international team of architects, designers and project managers with extensive experience in luxury retail. The managing director of Studio 10, Simon Eadon, was convinced by LC’s creative approach combined with their highly advanced LED lighting technology. Light Cognitive makes dawn to dusk dynamics and a hyperreal sky view possible in a unique manner. The bespoke oculus was designed and installed by LC.

Each LC luminaire is crafted by hand by an expert from LC team. The unique lighting philosophy is the work of the founder, Mr Salomaa, who wanted to bring the sky indoors in the most authentic way, following the day cycle and recreating every hue of the daylight – not only searching to replicate the spectral qualities of natural light but also captivating the essential beauty of the sky.

The result is an uplifting skylight and a space of refined elegance to welcome the clients to the majestic store. Partners for this project were carefully selected to reflect the ethos of creation, know-how and craftsmanship.