Optimal for spaces that need additional daylight

LC Horizon provides you with a luxury view in any space, every day. The light panel’s biophilic horizon style effect gives the impression of a natural environment: a beautiful morning, a clear sky or a stunning sunrise.

The light panel has an elegant slim profile. LC Horizon is as easy to install on the wall as a painting and it is aesthetically pleasing.

LC brings the benefits of natural light to your everyday life

Light is a direct stimulant: LC Horizon energises your mornings and brings a relaxing warm light towards the evening. It can be used as a virtual window that creates dynamic daylight conditions in any space. Dynamic lighting follows the day cycle and supports your wellbeing. 

TYPE OF INSTALLATION:Supplemental light & virtual window
MOUNTING:Wall or stand installation with VESA mount
WIDTH:1500 mm
HEIGHT:1050 mm
DEPTH:125 mm & floating 20 mm VESA attachment
WEIGHT:30 kg
LIGHT SOURCE:Light Cognitive LED module (G5)
CONTROL:Casambi (Bluetooth intelligent wall switch), Dali Type 8
POWER INPUT:100-240V 50/60Hz