A retail project with The Oculus

Light Cognitive office window solutions

A unique retail experience filled with light

In 2019 Light Cognitive worked with Fagerhult Spain to deliver a one-of-a-kind skylight for a major high street fashion retailer — an entirely bespoke installation creating a luminous centerpiece of artificial light in the ceiling of the store.

Our client was inspired by a desire to return to basics. They envisioned a space of elegance and calm influenced by nature – an organic stage upon which to spotlight their products.

Their ambition was to welcome customers from one of Barcelona’s premier shopping avenues into the store for a transportive shopping experience in an oasis of natural light and serenity. To bring this vision to life, the client’s lighting design firm, Fagerhult, selected Light Cognitive.

Together, we conceived the Oculus, a large dome of gently glowing artificial light situated in the entry hall of the store and providing an aesthetically pleasing and memorable lighting feature replicating natural daylight and the beautiful Barcelona sky.

Light Cognitive is the perfect fit for a client seeking to recreate natural light and the beauty of the sky. In the case of this client, a fashion retailer, LC’s exceptional colour rendering index (CRI up to 98) is an especially impressive solution as it allows the customer to see the clothing and colours as they would appear outside in natural light.

The extraordinary craftsmanship and engineering of the LC products deliver realistic sky and horizon views that follow the light cycle from dawn to dusk, all with the precise spectral qualities of natural light. The shifting light surface allows for an infinite feel, creating a sense of openness in even the most enclosed space. The diffuse light feels comfortable without creating disturbing shadows and has no glare.

The result of this lighting project is a classic architectural element that meets state-of-the-art lighting technology. Originating in antiquity, an oculus (from the Latin word for eye) is a circular opening in the center of a dome. In the Italian Renaissance, open oculi began to be replaced by light-transmitting cupolas and other round windows and skylights. Architects across these eras retained the round shape as it brings to mind the sun, the infinite and the perfection of nature.

Remarkable technological and engineering innovation means LC can accurately recreate the sensation of openness and connection to nature in any size or shape the client desires, adaptable to any space.

And today, with Oculus, Light Cognitive has achieved a stunning light window that simulates the sky and elevates the customer experience in the heart of Barcelona.