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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions


Technical Traders’ General Conditions of Sale (TK Yleiset 2010EN)



1. The Light Cognitive Warranty is valid in selected countries for a period of two years from the date of first delivery.

2. In the event that this product fails to function properly during the warranty period, the Authorised Light Cognitive retailer or an Authorised Light Cognitive Service Centre (“ASC”) will make this Product capable of operating for the purposes for which it was designed, without charging for labour and parts.

3. This warranty will be honoured only if the original invoice, a clear sales receipt and/or the duly filled out Warranty Certificate is presented to the Authorised Pioneer retailer or the ASC. Light Cognitive reserves the rights to refuse free of charge warranty service if the information on such documentation is incomplete or illegible.

4. The obligations of the Distributor are limited, at his sole discretion, to either the repair (whether with new or

recycled parts or products) or the replacement of the defective product.

5. All warranty repairs must be performed by an Authorised Light Cognitive retailer or an ASC. Repairs performed by nonauthorized repair shops will not be reimbursed and if such repairs damage this product, such damage will not be covered by this warranty.

6. This warranty does not cover any product which is used in any trade or business or for industrial or commercial purposes.

7. This warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in materials or workmanship and, in particular, does not cover:

– periodic check-ups, adjustments, maintenance or conversions as well as replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;

– damage caused by accidents, negligence, modifications, use of non-original parts, improper use, installation or packing;

– damage caused by lightning, water, fire, acts of war, public disturbances, incorrect mains voltages, incorrect ventilation or any other cause beyond the control of the Distributor;

– products with altered, deleted, missing or illegible serial numbers; and

– non-compliance with any guideline of the Instruction Manual as well as any warning in the concerned Manual(s)

or other relevant documentation.

8. This warranty is offered to any person who has legally obtained possession of the product within the warranty period.

9. This warranty constitutes the purchaser’s sole remedy. Light Cognitive shall not be liable for any repair or replacement cost or any damage or loss directly or indirectly related to the malfunctioning of the product.

10. This warranty is only applicable to products purchased in one of the countries listed in this document. It remains applicable when, following such purchase, the product is brought into any other country listed.

11. This warranty is in addition to any statutory or other rights of the purchaser pursuant to applicable law. It does not affect any warranty terms and conditions granted to the purchaser in the country of purchase in addition to this warranty.