Light Cognitive office window solutions

Better life, better business, and fulfillment are the goals of Innovation House Finland. Innovation House is an inspiring co-working space that offers holistic wellbeing and a positive mindset.

Making work and wellbeing compatible is easy at Innovation House Finland. Both locations in Finland have chosen LC,  a human centric lighting solution from Light Cognitive to keep the winter blues away and bring natural light indoors!

Innovation House Kallio placed a large LC Limitless light wall in their shared space for informal gatherings and work.

Minja Orava, Community Coordinator comments:

“In November, when the days started getting shorter and shorter, our members would take some 10-15 minutes in the morning to bask in the light while they have their coffee. They feel that the light has had an impact on their productivity and has also helped them feel more energetic. Personally, I feel that the lighting has had a subtle, yet significant impact on my wellbeing. I used to suffer from seasonal affective symptoms quite a lot, but this winter I have not felt them nearly as much. I believe the daily exposure to the light has helped me adjust to the winter time much better.

People who visit us  for the first time often think it’s a window.  Then they start thinking about how pitch dark it is behind the other windows. This also shows how gentle and natural the lights are, and how effortlessly they fit into our space.

It has been great for setting mood lights to different events and it gives unique character to our space.

For wellbeing, Innovation House offers not only human-centric lighting but also cozy plants, hygge and healthy food. There are regular yoga classes, and the members can have a morning swim at the pool or visit the gym and saunas.

In addition to Kallio, Innovation House Finland has a location in Otaniemi where a large LC light panel is placed in the ceiling of a meeting room. The co-working concept has proved very appealing and the community is growing fast globally with new locations in Singapore and Los Angeles.

Light Cognitive office window solutions
Light Cognitive office window solutions