Our story

Our mission has always been to bring natural light indoors, where we spend most of the day. 

Coming from the North we know how much light affects one’s mood, day cycle, even health. Good lighting has many positive effects – it enhances our well-being, sleep, productivity and alertness. Our founder wanted to find a solution that would benefit all who love nature and the beauty of natural light. What if we could create lighting that would give you the feeling that we get from a beautiful morning, a sunny day or a stunning sunrise. 

Our founder measured the spectra of the sky and started innovating a lighting solution that could capture the feeling of being next to a big window or under the clear sky. In 2016 first Light Cognitive lighting product, LC Horizon, was born – a dynamic natural sky light view, in all its hues, from dawn to dusk. LC lighting has infinite resolution and unlimited colours to replicate the sky. 

We offer our clients a variety of LC lighting from standard wall and sky luminaires to bespoke lighting of any size. Our state-of-the-art design and technology allows our clients to choose the mood and the lighting conditions they want to enjoy year round. 

LC lighting has found a home in workspaces, education spaces, private residences, hospitals, classrooms, hotels, gyms, airline lounges, museums,  restaurants and many other environments.


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