St. George Hotel

Light Cognitive room window solutions

The Hotel St. George, opened in Helsinki in 2018,  comes with an ambitious concept – expanding the customer experience to include new dimensions and new perspectives on total wellbeing.

It is Light Cognitive’s mission to help people live better, whether they need help recovering from the effects of travel or dealing with the Finnish seasons, or simply want to feel rested and refreshed every day. To quote the spa: “A moment with  LC is a moment with healing light”.

Early in the Hotel St. George planning process it was clear that wellbeing would be in a key role when it came to choosing elements for the spa.

One of the main features at St. George Care is the LC Limitless light wall which greets guests as they enter the spa. LC is inspired by nature and clear skies, and the creation of a horizon light wall transforms the windowless space.

Light Cognitive recreates natural light in indoor spaces and the light cycle supports one’s 24-hour circadian clock – a compelling idea for the hotel design team. The team was equally impressed by the premium quality of the light as well as by the renowned advisor of Light Cognitive team, Dr. Steven Lockley, an associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. LC light innovation supports the spa’s ideology; St. George Care offers much more than just spa and fitness treatments –  it offers an entire way of living.

Head of Wellness Experiences at St George Hotel Spa, Linda Ekholm:
“Light Cognitive’s light wall feels natural and refreshing. We couldn’t imagine this space without it any more! “