Hôpital de La Tour

Light Cognitive office window solutions

The Hôpital de La Tour is a private hospital located in Meyrin, Switzerland. It is a world-class estabishment, which maintains a human dimension.

Light Cognitive’s dynamic lighting solution LC Limitless was placed in the treatment area as a part of carefully planned scenarios. The goal is to make sure that each patient has the most pleasant stay possible during treatment.

During each phase, entry of the patient, time at the waiting area, installation on the treatment bed and treatment at the radiotherapy room, there is a specifically designed light scenario to provide reassurance and restfulness to the patient. Furthermore, energy-enhancing light is gradually introduced after the treatment when the patient is leaving the area. The lighting project was planned by Dcube.swiss using Light Cognitive technology.

The result is a caring environment where high-quality services provide patients with optimum comfort.