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Light design

We offer custom solutions for natural light production in challenging indoor spaces. Our HLC solutions at the most beautiful and realistic solutions in the world.

Inspired by Nature


Our light fields are inspired by nature on many levels. We reproduce natures infinite hues on a very fundamental level. Not only does our light look like the sky but all objects appear in its light like they would look in reality under the sky.

We welcome every morning and evening with the shifts in colour and intensity like in nature and help people to experience the natural shift of the day and night and be energised like being outside on a clear day.



All our light field sources are dynamic and shift continuously in a smooth manner over the 24h cycle. All our lights come with a natural, biologically tuned dynamics and we customise dynamics for architectonically or biologically demanding environments.

Biology and vision

With spectral control we can create light fields that show all colors in a natural way (CRI up to 98). We manage the biological effect of our light to promote healthy sleep wake cycle. (Dr. Steven Lockley of Harvard Medical School is an advisor to LC).


We produce infinite resolution and unlimited colours to replicate the visual and dynamic nature of day shift in the sky and horizon with out patent pending spectral surface technology.