LC Horizon at the Contemporary Museum of Art Kiasma

Come and enjoy a luminous view of the horizon, Big Sky, a light design by Light Cognitive at Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art, during the Lux Helsinki light festival on 5-9 January. Lux Helsinki will once again present a brilliant range of light art and installations to share the power of light in a communal way in the heart of winter.

LC Horizon is chosen to be part of the Lux event at Kiasma and is presented on the first floor of the museum, available for everyone to see and enjoy next to the Kiasma shop.

The Finnish light piece is inspired by the sky view is horizon in Helsinki. LC is a luminous demonstration of light variation during the day. It presents a dynamically changing sky view with infinite resolution, from dawn to dusk. LC examines light as art, as design, as a landscape and as an everyday phenomenon.  Light brings joy to our life and is also an important part of our daily wellbeing. Lux Helsinki is a loved event in Helsinki and appeals to visitors of every age. The event’s popularity grows steadily and Lux attracted over half a million visitors last year.

Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located in Helsinki, Finland. Kiasma is part of the Finnish National Gallery. One of the leading museums of contemporary art in the Nordic region, Kiasma delights and provokes, impresses, surprises and entertains. The museum is open every day until 22.00 during the Lux Helsinki event. Let there be light!

How to get there: Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Mannerheiminaukio 2, 00100
Helsinki, Finland

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