Big Sky joins Arp-Astrance event in Paris "Tendances Printemps-´Été"

We are excited to present Big Sky as ARP Astrance launches their “Carnet de Tendences Printemps-Été 2017” on July 6th in Paris! The focus of the spring/summer 2017 trend event in Paris is lighting - "Lumière".

Big Sky is unique lighting product dedicated to people’s wellbeing and performance. Big Sky products recreate a beautiful natural light daylight in indoor spaces and a dynamic sky view in an energy efficient way. Big Sky's smart features ensure ease of use and adaptability to different audiences. Big Sky contributes towards satisfying the lighting features of the WELL Building Standard. 

Arp Astrance is a  consulting firm specialized in real estate. Arp-Astrance believes in new ways of living and working, creating better interior and exterior places to meet the need for more sustainability, connectivity, health and well-being. Arp-Astrance's four major fields of expertise are  Real Estate Consultancy, Workplace Design, Sustainable Building and Real Estate Digitalisation.

Welcome! Arp-Astrance, 9 avenue Percier, 75008 Paris. 

Big Sky Horizon