Big Sky at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Calling all design and lighting enthusiasts : Stockholm Furniture Fair starts soon! Come and discover beautiful Big Sky lighting at our partner stand with Martela A38:20 on 6 -10 February!

Big Sky was born from the realization that light plays a fundamental role in our health. Our inspiration comes from nature and natural light. Big Sky recreates natural light in indoor spaces and has found a home in many environments, from private residences to education spaces, classrooms, workspaces, hotels and restaurants.

In Stockholm Light Cognitive presents Big Sky Dome, our most compact solution to make you feel like you are under a glass roof on a beautiful day. Big Sky Dome is tunable and available with Sky Player. Sky Player makes it easy to set the daily light cycle to support your inner clock - just choose the time of sun rise and sunset.

If you want to try different atmospheres and moods you can easily choose from various Sky Scenes that resemble the sky light at different times of the day. We are passionate about well-being and hope we can help you in your journey to feel the sun everyday.

Come and experience Big Sky's light for yourself - Hope to see you in Stockholm! 



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