Come and see Big Sky at DCUBE studio in Geneva

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with DCUBE and Davide Oppizzi. Come and experience Big Sky at DCUBE studio: Rampe de Chavant 16, 1232 Confignon, Geneva, SWITZERLAND.

Big Sky Horizon, equipped with the most advanced features of the Big Sky technology, including the Sky Player, is now on display at DCUBE studio in Geneva. "DCUBE offers the best in lighting and design and we are very proud to see Big Sky in DCUBE's catalogue" says Xavier Carpentier at Light Cognitive. DCUBE has specialised in all the parameters for a lighting project: concept, aesthetics, technology, installation and sales. 

Big Sky lighting products are  unique solutions dedicated to well-being and performance. Big Skyis available in different formats: Big Sky Horizon, Big Sky Dome and Big Sky Limitless (for customer projects). Big Sky is integrated to Crestron building automation system allowing easy controlling of the different light modes and brightness. Other control options are a user interface in a smartphone / tablet accessed through WiFi or a fixed DALI switch with each light mode linked to a respective button.

Address: Rampe de Chavant 16, 1232 Confignon / GE / Switzerland.