Big Sky launched in Britain

Light Cognitive’s Big Sky product family was launched in Britain last week at Fremgroup’s Connect Experience technology event in central London.

Fremgroup, a leading UK company specialized in innovative office interiors and related technology, is now distributing Big Sky in the UK.

The Connect Experience held at Fremgroup’s showroom in Farringdon, London was a success with almost a hundred end customers, designers and architects visiting the event.

The themes evolved around efficient collaboration, productivity and wellbeing.  The key note speaker, Dr Craig Knight, psychologist, referred in his presentation to several findings from joint studies with the University of Exeter, suggesting that the time for lean offices is over. Instead, people are found to be consistently more productive when the environment supports the collaboration and wellbeing of the employees. Wellbeing can be contributed to simply by adding plants and light.

Big Sky raised a lot of interest among the audience, the natural light solution was seen especially appealing in places where rents are high, and where property managers strive to make use of every possible square foot of space, by extending working areas to basements and other windowless spaces.

With these new themes making their way from the nature to the offices, the Nordic countries seem to be regarded as pioneers in many of the new innovations.