Big Sky is going to Orgatec

Big Sky lighting innovation presented at ORGATEC 2016 in "The Smart Co-working Lobby": Light for wellbeing and performance

Light Cognitive’s smart light solution “Big Sky” is presented at Orgatec 2016 in the special dedicated Smart Working Space area which showcases the future of the modern workspace with "The Smart Co-working Lobby".  Co-working spaces are a new workspace concept that is developing on a global scale. “The Smart Co-Working Lobby” is curated by Michael O. Schmutzer, Managing Director at Design Offices. 

Light Cognitive is excited to present Nordic technology and know-how at Orgatec. Light Cognitive is a technology company that develops and manufactures unique lighting products dedicated to personal wellbeing and performance. Light Cognitive’s products reproduce a beautiful natural light and a dynamic sky view in an energy efficient way