Light Inspired by Nature

beauty from nature.jpg

Big Sky was born from the realisation that light plays a fundamental role in our lives

By recreating natural light in indoor spaces we want to help you feel better every day. Light Cognitive created a patent-pending Natural Daylight Creation technology to bring you a high-fidelity dynamic sky view, from dawn to dusk, with nature's hues.

In the absence of natural light, an electric light should mimic daylight as closely as possible. The high color rendering, smooth color changes and ability to adjust brightness from the dimmest night to the brightest diffuse daylight are recreated in Big Sky to respect the essential qualities of light in nature.

Big Sky light is generated with multiple different types of energy-efficient LED's combined in a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature. In addition to giving the positive spectral qualities of natural light, the visual appearance of the light field is inspired by nature and resembles a view into the sky or horizon.