Big Sky energy at Supercell

big sky lighting supercell

Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. Since its founding in 2010, Supercell has brought four games to the market -Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale.

When planning the lighting for Supercell office the concept was tailored to meet the needs of a vibrant multi-space office located in Helsinki.  Two Big Sky Horizon light panels complement the spacious coffee area and meet the demands of a multicultural and global team  – many have welcomed the extra rays of light after having moved to Finland from a very different climate!

The Big Sky light wall situated in the middle of the building brings tunable light to coffee / work area that otherwise would not benefit from windows or natural light. “We see employees continuously gathering around the light to enjoy a break and also to work. We have received very positive feedback from our employees and we are happy with our Big Sky solution”, says Janne Saarinen from Supercell. Big Sky offers excellent light quality and is also tunable for different situations such as energizing morning light and calming evening light. The light program was designed specifically for Supercell employees.

Supercell fundamentally believes in the power of “small”. Being small means you need less management and fewer processes, both of which just make it more fun to work.  As a growing Finnish startup Light Cognitive is proud of the vote of confidence of Supercell and is committed to contribute to new work spaces, wellbeing and the spirit of innovation.


PEAB believes in the continuing trend of occupational wellbeing

Big Sky PEAB

PEAB is one of the largest Nordic construction companies. In PEAB's recently finished Ultimes Business Garden in Helsinki, they equipped two meeting rooms with Big Sky Horizons in order to promote wellbeing and productiveness in the workplace. ”Lighting is a key element in creating a working environment that supports the business. We are especially interested in the attested biological effects of lighting”, says Peter Lindeberg, Business Director, Commercial Property Development at Peab. 

Peab is investigating other possibilities for implementing Big Sky solutions, particularly in ceilings. ”The ceiling-mounted Big Sky Limitless is amazingly brilliant”, Lindeberg says and adds that he strongly believes in the continuing trend of occupational wellbeing gaining more and more ground. The working environment is part of the brand of a company, and therefore an asset in competing for the best employees.

Peab’s Business Garden is a modern concept that not only provides companies with office space but also wellbeing for their employees and a new kind of profitability through respecting environmental values.