LC for the Workplace

Big Sky Horizon Martela

Help your employees feel good and achieve more.



Daylight improves the performance of employees. Research in offices and schools shows that vitality and ability to perform a role increase by 35% and 43% respectively under daylight (Boubekri et al., 2014), cognitive performance increases up to 13% (Heschong Mahone Group, 2003) and productivity by up to 15% (Romm & Browning, 1994).

The challenge is that often windows do not bring enough daylight indoors due to long nights or weather conditions. In central parts of buildings, daylight factors are too small to achieve a positive biological impact.

Big Sky Horizon Supercell


LC brings the experience of a natural clear sky to all spaces. LC contributes to the year round success of your employees with Big Sky Natural Daylight Creation technology. Improvement in a person's ability to concentrate can be 2.5 times higher under blue light (Sleegers et al., 2013) and improvement to cognitive processing can be up to 19 % points higher (Keis et al., 2014), resulting in better test scores and higher productivity.



LC supports a wide range of specific needs in the office: consultants and lawyers working around the clock, shift workers, business travelers suffering from jet lag, managers negotiating a difficult contract, students taking an exam or focusing on a lecture and many others. Sky Scenes are used to set the right light for each audience and dedicated experience areas can be designed to support the needs of different groups.



Big Sky in a meeting room

Similar to a new window, but much easier to install and with guaranteed daylight regardless of season and weather, LC complements or supplements existing light sources in accordance with your architectural, biological and budget requirements. Its modern design and beautiful adaptable colors make it a perfect fit to any indoor environment. Thanks to its large surface, LC ensures a pleasant lighting experience without glare or eye strain even at high intensity.