LC for Healthcare

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Redesigning hospitals with patient experience in mind


better patient experience

Healthcare environments are evolving into a combination of hospitality and work spaces. We help to build a setting where patients are more relaxed. LC supports patient and staff wellbeing with its beautiful infinite natural colors and relaxing views. LC Horizon offers a peaceful horizon view and calming colors.

Ideal for high performance work

LC supports staff performance and wellbeing with the right kind of light at the right time. The spectrally designed light is suitable for high performance work environment: it is biologically effective, and has high color rendering and minimal glare. Big Sky offers excellent light quality for detail-oriented tasks and demanding work hours.

case hôpital de la tour:

The Hôpital de La Tour is a private hospital located in Meyrin, Switzerland. It is a world-class estabishment, which maintains a human dimension.

Big Sky Limitless

Light Cognitive’s dynamic lighting solution LC Limitless was placed in the treatment area as a part of carefully planned scenarios. The goal is to make sure that each patient has the most pleasant stay possible during treatment.

During each phase, entry of the patient, time at the waiting area, installation on the treatment bed and treatment at the radiotherapy room, there is a specifically designed light scenario to provide reassurance and restfulness to the patient.

Furthermore, energy-enhancing light is gradually introduced after the treatment when the patient is leaving the area.

 The result is a caring environment where high-quality services provide patients with optimum comfort. The project’s lighting planning is by our partner


LC was installed in the patient room in a dental clinic in Southern France. With lighting programs customized to the customer’s needs, high levels of satisfaction were reported by the patients and the staff.  

“I am always looking for the best experience for my patients and my staff. Light Cognitive has convincingly offered us a new type of experience. LC has transformed the room and helped patients to relax while the high light quality enables my staff to operate efficiently” reports Dr. Lévy. 

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“In a stressful context, especially when exposed to surgery, patients expect the highest hygienic standard as well as a relaxing environment. Light is a driver of success in our daily operations and I was simply looking for the perfect solution.”

-Dr. Claude Lévy, owner of the dental clinic Lévy in Southern France.